Urban History Association Conference

UHA Tenth Biennial Conference: Reparations & the Right to the City

Pittsburgh, PA October 26-29, 2023

Call for papers

Reparations & the Right to the City

The Urban History Association Conference Program Committee seeks submissions for roundtables, sessions, and panels on all aspects of domestic and global metropolitan, urban, and suburban history. Our goal is to convene and curate a robust, innovative, and generative conference to set and reset the role and mission of Urban history at present and into the future.

To this end, we greatly welcome proposals for sessions, panels, roundtables, and individual papers, including those that aim to provide alternate formats to maximize inclusivity, representation, and an abundance of diverse voices. We invite proposals that center creative engagement with teaching and course development, public humanities, and publishing.

Drawing on the global calls for reparations, restoration, and the rights to the city for all, this conference aims to bring together a wide-ranging collection of practitioners, scholars, activists, community organizers, policymakers, and leading voices on the history and contemporary realities of the urban experience across the globe. We encourage submissions from all disciplines, including but not limited to Latin American Studies, Chicano/a Studies, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, African American Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Queer Studies, social sciences, geography, humanities, and the arts. The Committee especially seeks proposals from and for Graduate Students, including workshops and Poster sessions.

Submissions are closed

The Committee requests the following

Individual paper submissions include:

  1. An abstract of no more than 150 words with up to four keywords
  2. One-page CV (including email and address).

All materials should be submitted as a single PDF file. To submit your individual proposal, use this individual proposal submission form

Panel and workshop submissions should include:

  1. a cover page
  2. a short description not to exceed two paragraphs
  3. the names of the session participants (e.g., Chair, Moderator, Speakers)
  4. the style and theme structuring the proposed session/workshop/roundtable
  5. a 100-word abstract for each proposed paper
  6. a 1-page CV for each participant, including email and address

All six components should be submitted as a single PDF file. To submit your proposal for a panel or workshop, use this panel/workshop proposal submission form. 

You are welcome to submit multiple proposals. Alternate format submissions should follow guidelines for whichever proposal type is closest (individual paper or collective project). Please direct inquiries to Program Committee co-chairs Alison Isenberg at Princeton University and Marcus Hunter at the University of California Los Angeles at Pittsburgh2023UHA@gmail.com.

UHA Program Committee


Marcus Hunter, UCLA

Alison Isenberg, Princeton


Davarian Baldwin, Trinity College

Lisa Boehm, Bridgewater State University

Kendra Boyd, Rutgers University - Camden

Brian Kelly, Queen's University Belfast

Jessica Klanderud, Berea College

Kevin Mumford, University of Illinois

Carl Nightingale, State University Buffalo

Brian Purnell, Bowdoin College

Keona Ervin, Bowdoin College

Emma Hart, University of Pennsylvania

Erika Rappaport, UC Santa Barbara

Sarah Lopez, University of Pennsylvania

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