Membership Dues Increase

01 Mar 2022 11:25 AM | Allyson Moralez (Administrator)

In January 2020, the UHA board voted to increase membership dues for three categories of membership. These new rates were temporarily suspended in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In January of 2022, the board voted to lift this temporary suspension. The dues increase was decided on only after careful consideration by the UHA's board of directors, executive director, and membership director. As the UHA's membership and initiatives have grown, so too have the labor and administrative costs required to run the organization. The dues increase will provide the UHA with some of the income it needs to offset these critical expenses.

Not all membership dues will increase. Dues will increase for One Year, Two Year, Six Year, and Lifetime memberships. The Adjunct/Graduate Student one and two-year memberships will remain the same, as well Undergraduate Student 1 and two year memberships. 

The new dues will go into effect on April 1st of 2022. If you would like to renew your membership in advance of this change, we invite you to do so. 

*Note*: If you’ve already renewed your membership for this year, you will not be charged the new rate until your next renewal is due. Membership Director Kara Schlichting is available to discuss renewals at

New Membership Dues effectual April 1st, 2022:

1 Year: $75.00

2 Year: $140.00 

6 Year: $375.00 

Lifetime $600.00 

Adjunct/Graduate student 1-Year membership: $25.00

Adjunct/Graduate student 2-Year membership: $45.00

Undergraduate 1-Year membership: $15.00

Undergraduate 2-Year membership: $27.00


Joe Trottter

UHA President

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