Urban History Association Conference

UHA Tenth Biennial Conference: Reparations & the Right to the City

Pittsburgh, PA October 26-29, 2023

exhibitor information for presses

The UHA welcomes 500-700 urban studies professionals at our biennial conferences. Hundreds of scholars, museum and library professionals, K-12 educators, urban planners, city government officials, local organization representatives and more will be directed toward the exhibit space. Our organization supports urban history/studies scholarship, community outreach and civic engagement. 

Our membership and conference attendees work and publish in various fields, including the study of cities (global), architecture and design, labor history, African American studies, Latina/o studies, Asian American studies, Jewish studies, geography, urban planning, museum studies, public history, preservation, and much more. Coffee will be provided throughout the day within the exhibit space, as well as smaller tables with additional chairs. Fees are listed below.

To reserve a table or discuss advertising opportunities, please contact our Executive Director, Allyson Moralez (amoralez@urbanhistory.org) and UHA Operations Assistant, Daniela Sheinin (dsheinin@urbanhistory.org). 

Book Exhibit and Program Advertisement Fees 

The exhibit will be on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28 at the Westin Pittsburgh (1000 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222). The venue will provide tables, chairs, linens and easels for the displays.

If the press is not sending staff, conference staff will assist with setting up the exhibit table.

Table or Advertisement

Combined Table Display: $100

Full Table: $200

Full-Page Advertisement: $250

Half-Page Advertisement: $150


Full page/Combined Table: $325 

Full-page advertisement and placement on a combined table

Full page/Full Table: $375

Full-page advertisement and a full table

Half page/Combined Table: $225

Half-page advertisement and placement on a 

combined table

Half page/Full Table: $300

Half-page advertisement and full table

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